October 2015 Posts

4 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Seniors Secure

Halloween is a fun holiday – filled with candy and costumes – but did you know it can be a stressful time for seniors?

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“Caregiver Wellness: Power of U!” Webinar

“This isn’t supposed to work this way,” Maria reminds the nurse. “My husband is the one with dementia and now I’m the one in the hospital.”

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I’ve Fallen! Is it Alzheimer’s?

If an elder with memory problems suffers a fall, there’s a tendency to just dismiss the cause by saying that the person has Alzheimer’s. But Alzheimer’s is not the only health issue that can lead to memory loss, confusion and forgetfulness.

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3 Steps to Coping With an Abusive Care Receiver

"My sister-in-law has had several bouts with cancer, and she uses her illness as an excuse to abuse my brother. I wish I could do something to change the situation.”

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Brain Detox During Sleep

What if your brain could naturally wash away a harmful buildup of waste toxins?

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Modern Life Disrupts Our Sleep; Many Dementia Patients Experience Apathy

These and other stories are in the October edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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