July 2013 Posts

Trace Your Ancestry Using the Internet

Discovering more about your ancestors from decades past can be an enjoyable and educational project. Tracing your lineage may even surprise you with insights into your own personality, likes, dislikes and customs.

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Robots Geared to Help Seniors at Home

Researchers and robotic companies across the globe are designing specialized robot devices to provide automated help for senior citizens at home.

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Five Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Of the almost 26 million Americans with diabetes, nearly 95 percent of them have Type 2 diabetes. Preventing Type 2 diabetes is possible, however, in the majority of people.

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Staying Ahead of Caregiving Medical Complexities

In a 2012 nationwide survey of family caregivers, 46 percent reported they performed medical/nursing tasks for their ill loved ones. Overall, the family caregivers surveyed are fearful of making a critical mistake in caring for their senior or special-needs adult.

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Engaging Seniors in Summer Activities

Summer is the opportune time for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy many of the hobbies and leisure activities they’ve enjoyed through the years. With a few adjustments for mobility and exertion, folks over age 65 can enjoy a variety of fun, safe adventures with family and friends.

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