October 2012 Posts

Tips to Bring Generations Together at Holiday Gatherings; Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients at Home

These and other stories are in the November edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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The Effects of Caffeine on Seniors

Drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks is not something people readily give up. While there are dangers associated with consuming too much caffeine, the effects of the stimulant on seniors in particular aren’t all negative.

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What Are Care Transitions?

Care transitions refer to a medical patient moving from one healthcare provider or healthcare setting to another. Seniors with illnesses, for example, may visit a primary care physician and then be admitted to a hospital and receive treatment from a hospital physician and nursing staff.

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Malnutrition in the Elderly

Malnutrition is often prevalent in seniors who live alone and don’t want to bother cooking for one or who have health problems that lead to a lack of taste or appetite.

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Helping Seniors Cope With Pollen Season

Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and a sore throat are common symptoms of seasonal nasal allergies. The extreme weather swings of 2012 has caused plants to produce up to four times more pollen than normal, extending the fall allergy season into November.

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Fish Oils Fight Aging

In looking for practical ways to slow down the aging process, health-conscious seniors can now turn to fish oils as a significant anti-aging source.

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