October 2011 Posts

Aging Gracefully With Yoga

According to Yoga Journal, 2.9 million Americans age 55 years or older regularly practice yoga for its health benefits, such as increased flexibility, lower blood pressure, easing of aches and pains, and improved balance.

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Telephone Tips for Family Caregivers

Who hasn’t been frustrated when calling a doctor’s office, government agency or an insurance company? Below are some telephone tips to help make this nagging task less burdensome.

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Kitschy Snow Globes Shake Up Collectors

In the increasingly popular world of kitschy collectibles, the snow globe (a.k.a., snow dome, snowstorm and snow shaker) may be king given its popularity spanning more than 125 years.

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Alarms Sound for the Risks of Sleep Apnea in the Elderly

The staff of Mayo Clinic explained that sleep apnea occurs two to three times more often in elderly adults older than 65 and is associated with adverse health effects such as increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and the risk of strokes.

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