July 2010 Posts

Caring Today "Workplaces That Work For You" Contest

Caring Today magazine and Right at Home team up to recognize companies and reward caregivers

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There's No Place Like Home

In its first year, the Hospital to Home Program reported a 53 percent reduction in hospital readmissions within the first 30 days. The first of its kind in North Carolina, the Hospital to Home program has been successfully addressing the complex needs of discharged patients to ensure a strong, home-based recovery.

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I Think Mom Is Losing Her Appetite – What’s Happening to Her?

It’s natural for an elderly person to experience a decrease in appetite over time. There are, however, certain factors that can take this normal phenomenon to an unhealthy extreme, resulting in malnutrition. Here are some conditions that an in-home caregiver should be able to spot in order to ...

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Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

With longer life expectancies and the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, older Americans’ housing needs are increasingly gaining more attention. This generation is not ready to resign themselves to a life of leisure at a retirement home, but they don’t necessarily need full-...

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iPad for Seniors

With new gadgets and gizmos coming out every day, it can be hard to keep up and to know which ones are worth sharing with your elderly loved one.  Laptops are heavy and expensive, the iPhone has numerous useful applications but it’s too small for many seniors to use and desktops are vir...

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Dementia or Depression?

Are you confused about whether or not your loved one has depression, dementia or maybe both? With many similar symptoms, it can be hard for family members to distinguish between the two illnesses. As much as 50 percent of people with Alzheimer’s (the most well-known form of dementia) also suff...

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