April 2010 Posts

Questions to Ask When Hiring Home Care

Some families, in an attempt to save time and money, are hiring "underground" caregivers—those caregivers who are not affiliated with a specific company or organization that would provide proper caregiver management and training. In fact, most underground caregivers are hired by families with...

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New Year's Resolutions and Tips on Aging

Be sure to check out our latest edition of the Caring Right at Home eNewsletter. In it you’ll find informative articles on Ten Healthy Aging Resolutions for 2010, Home Care Helps Protect Seniors Against Falls, Digital Aging:Computers and Today’s Seniors, and Tips and Resources to Quit S...

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New Technologies to Keep Seniors Safer, Healthier

In the recent edition of the Caring Right at Home eNewsletter, we take a look at emerging trends that are on the horizon to help support seniors. For example, some interactive “telehealth” products will allow seniors and caregivers to perform routine health monitoring at home, automatica...

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When Measuring Medicines

Consumers should use a measuring dropper, measuring cap, dosing spoon or a dosing syringe to take liquid medicines as opposed to a kitchen spoon. It can lead to over- or underdosing the dosage amount when using a kitchen spoon. Which in turn, can make the medicine ineffective. Read our recent editi...

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Conditions That May Signal Alzheimer's Disease

The recent edition of the Caring Right at Home eNewsletter explains how a recent study published in Neurology discusses how older people who have “mental lapse” such as drowsiness, staring and thinking that seems disorganized or illogical may signal the signs of Alzheimer’s disease...

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Home Care Helps Seniors Manage Painful Conditions

Pain isn't "just a part of growing older". Professional in-home caregivers offer advice for helping older loved ones follow their personalized pain control plan.

Check out our latest edition of the Caring Right at Home eNewsletter to find out how home care helps seniors manage painful conditions.

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