June 2009 Posts

Important Senior Care Advisory: Preventing Hyperthermia in Older Adults

It's been extremely hot in many parts of the country and excessive heat can be a real threat to the health and safety of seniors. We encourage you to read the article on hyperthermia if you care for or know of a senior who needs extra assistance for signs of the condition. You can access the arti...

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Happy Father's Day

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.
- Bill Cosby

On behalf of Right at Home, we wish all fathers a safe and relaxing Father’s Day.

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Warning signs that your loved one need's are changing

The following are some warning signs that your loved one’s caregiving needs are changing. Changing relationships with others/withdrawal from social interactions. Unusual behavior, such as being overly quiet, loud or agitated. Neglecting personal care, including hygiene and nutrition. Si...

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Helping Dad Stay Independent: The Best Father's Day Gift for an Aging Parent

Fathers may want to appear as if they’re always in control, even when things have begun to slip. Let your Dad know that you are there to help without getting in his space. In order to assess how he’s doing living on his own, here is a checklist of issues for you to explore with him. Th...

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Senior Care Options

Please watch the following video. Our Louisville, KY Right at Home office explains home care and its benefits. Sign up for our free Caring Right at Home online newsletter to receive more information, advice, and support for adult caregiving. If you have any questions regarding home care, post them...

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